About us

How it all began…

The year was 2014. It was 7PM in a sunny Spring afternoon at Porto margin overlooking the Douro river and Dom Luis I bridge. I was enjoying one of the best weeks of my life exploring this corner of Europe. Among everything I learned and found in Portugal there was cork, something I did not knew much about, but that aroused my curiosity and I decided to explore a little bit more. The curiosity became knowledge and with it an idea, a project, a challenge! When I met PortugaliaCork (a worldwide leader in the development and production of cork fabrics for a wide range of international brands and Fashion Houses) I found the partner that will join me in bring CORKLANE project to life.


CorkLane brand is an elegant state of art of my eternal passion that was presented to the world in 2015. Ecological Fashion is not a trend, is the future, and CorkLane is my way to help shape the future of Fashion with a line of natural, eco-friendly and vegan Fashionable pieces I create thinking in me and everyone in the world that thinks like me. I am committed to bring together beauty and functionality in every single piece of Fashionable pieces I create thinking in the nature lovers with rebel spirit. CORKLANE is 100% Handcrafted in Portugal with the highest attention to each detail to create products of the highest quality level.